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Nov 05, 2021

As we prepare to wrap up another calendar year, I am giving much thought to accomplishments, lessons learned, and opportunities missed.   Many will focus on the wins or losses, but what I can’t let go of are the missed opportunities.  The thing that I noticed is that these opportunities were mostly missed because of things that I can control.

Here’s the question that I have asked myself and the question that I am asking you - WHAT’S STOPPING YOU?!  (I hope the passion behind this question translates through the screen.)  There are probably as many answers to that question as there are words on this page.  Everyone has real answers, and everyone has a few excuses too.

There are ways to distinguish between the answers and the excuses.  For starters, ask yourself what you would do if there were no limitations.  Determine if you can eliminate the limitations.  If you can negate the limitations, you are just making excuses.  If you are putting the blame on someone else, you are making excuses.  If you aren’t comparing yourself to others, you are making excuses. And typically, excuses are fueled by fear. 

Fear is the real monster.  Sometimes we are afraid of failure and quite frankly, sometimes we are afraid of success.  When it comes down to decision-making, the things that most people are afraid of are (in no specific order): unfamiliarity, isolation, being overwhelmed, and misjudgment.  None of these things need to be absent, addressed, or even resolved for you to begin taking the necessary steps to embark on a new journey, make a challenging decision or overcome a formidable obstacle.   

Ultimately, you must decide to do it afraid!  Doing it afraid is not about ignoring what you fear, it is about putting that fear in its proper place and using that energy to move forward. Here are the realities you must embrace:

  1. You don’t need to have it all figured out before you move.
  2. There will always be room for change and growth. 
  3. Accomplishing anything significant is never a solo act.
  4. There is never enough time, money, or resources.
  5. You have to pull from something deeper and higher than yourself.
  6. Keep your attention on the things that matter most.

 Many times we look at successful people and think they have it all figured out, but the truth is they are just as puzzled as everyone else.  Successful people have decided that they are going to keep moving in spite of the fear and realize the biggest failure is in not going for it.  The only thing worse than doing it afraid ... is not doing it at all.  

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