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Momentum Leadership Group is the premier source for organizational improvement solutions and leadership development approaches for the thriving leader.  Our team is focused on positioning organizations and leaders for lasting impact.  With decades of experience, we can customize an approach that takes you and your organization to the next level.   


About Dr. Keena

Experienced Head Start, State Preschool, School District and Non-Profit Leader

As a career early childhood educator and program administrator, I know first-hand the necessity of a strong leadership team. With each decision that is made and each goal that is set, there is an underlying tension between meeting the needs of children and committing the work to others.  This strain is what we seek to mitigate - without capable leaders, program quality is incapacitated. 

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Project Management & Consultation

Executing specific initiatives/projects, transition plans, and supporting program growth by using a multi-faceted approach with program stakeholders to implement priorities and next steps.

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Professional Development

Tailored content to meet the specific needs of the program and participant groups. Ongoing professional growth opportunities for individuals wanting to further develop their leadership skills.

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Systems Design and Evaluation

Increase productivity by strengthening, creating, modifying or eliminating processes with a focus on meeting program goals, improving spending and removing barriers to efficiency.

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Executive Coaching

Improve leadership proficiency and targeting specific needs by guiding individuals and teams to leverage existing strengths, identify areas for growth, improve team relations, engage in planning/goal-setting efforts, identify performance gaps, address communication challenges and more.

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