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Apr 12, 2023

When you think about the success of an organization you often think about data – i.e., the number of enrollments, the effectiveness of initiatives, the amount of money earned/raised, or attendance. 

Strangely, when you think about the success of a leader, the quality indicators are a bit less tangible.  Leaders are most often remembered for their interactions or communications.  In fact, it is these intangible factors that lead to data-described productivity.

But how do we get there and why is this important? 

People are fueled by motivation.  However, motivation is not something that a leader can pass on, create or even encourage.  Instead, what a leader can do is cultivate the circumstances that allow motivation to develop and thrive. 

If motivation is the willingness to do something based on the anticipated satisfaction of some need for the individual, then what does a motivating environment look like?

  1. Human needs are not overlooked but are considered with intentionality in decision-making. Safety, security, belonging, respect, recognition, and individual achievement are as important as team/organizational goals.
  2. The experiences of all are openly respected. The environment is a safe space for the exchange of ideas and sharing of information.
  3. Leaders who recognize the strengths, challenges, and desires of their team members. They see their colleagues as people, not as a means to an end.
  4. Trust is mutual. Team members trust others that have a track record of success, demonstrate that they value them, and also are consistent in their behavior.

Quickly put…Do you see me? Do you hear me? Do you know me? Do you trust me?

I challenge you to look at your environment and determine where you can better nurture a motivating environment and if you decide you need some outside help…CONTACT ME and we can create a plan that best suits the needs of your team.

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