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Aug 31, 2022

It is said that insanity is repeatedly doing the same thing but expecting different results.  I don’t know if that’s a clinical definition, but I do know that not getting the results needed can make me batty.  So, what is a leader to do?




It’s just that simple.  The challenge then is - what is the different thing that should be done?  And of course, the answer is “it depends,” but I do have some thoughts on how to get past the barriers that might be in your way.


Mentally take yourself out of the situation – When we know how something should operate or are too familiar with a set of circumstances, we tend to overlook some of the most obvious details, missteps or obstacles.  Look at things as a first-time visitor who is completely new to your organization.  It’s amazing what you see when you use fresh eyes.


Go beyond the surface – Imagine if you went to the dentist with a bloody mouth and the dentist just gave you a saline solution.  Wouldn’t you want a thorough exam to determine why you were bleeding?  In order to stop the bleeding not only do medical professionals deal with the surface issue, but they also know that they need to address the root of the injury.  As leaders, we must do the same thing … deal with the bleed, but get to the root of the problem.


Talk to yourself – We give great advice to other people, so pretend you are solving a problem for someone you love outside of your organization. 


Take a nap – Ok, we may not be able to take a nap during the average workday.  The point is that we need to get some rest!  Working ourselves all day every day diminishes our effectiveness.  The human brain needs rest to be fully functional and operate at optimal levels.  Please take care of yourself.


Don’t take it personally and don’t make it personal – Leaders tend to be masterful at telling others to not take it personally, but not so great at not making things feel personal for others.  We need to be mindful in our approach to others so that when challenges arise, we address the situation without injuring the person.

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