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Nov 08, 2023

Between a recent travel to a state with beautiful fall foliage and the fact that I do not respond well to the end of Daylight Savings Time, I have been reminded of a very important fact – Change is Necessary.

Whenever the idea of change is introduced, there is an automatic reaction and people usually profess either a disdain or desire for change.  No matter your position, if you want to remain relevant and maintain the ability to perform well - change is necessary. 

If we pay attention to nature, we will see that not only does nature have cycles, but nature also has help.  Nothing can produce at optimal levels all of the time.  As strong and majestic as they may appear to be, trees are not self-managing.  Trees have assistance from wind, rain, sun, and in some instances, people.  

Wind serves as an aid to eliminate things that are harmful to the tree and disperse seeds to continue growth.  Rain replenishes the tree and the sun nourishes the tree simply so it can stay alive and fulfill the functions of a tree.  In instances where gardeners are involved, trimming can be useful in promoting further growth, keeping the tree from moving into harmful areas, and supporting the best structure for the tree.

Leaders need the exact type of support.  Someone needs to help you eliminate things that are harmful and help with delegating assignments that will promote the ongoing growth of others.  This delegation also allows you to focus on the things that only you can do while eliminating your obligation to complete things that are outside of your strengths or pay grade. 

You need to be replenished and nourished in ways that allow you to get the physical and mental support necessary to further your performance. You also need to know when to disconnect from (or avoid) situations that no longer serve you well, and that may be harmful to you (or your team or organization), and you need to be able to analyze your systems and structure in ways that further growth. 

Some of this can be accomplished alone, but more often than not, your team and sometimes a vetted and experienced expert can help you shoulder the load.  Change is necessary, but the reality of the service that you provide is that teamwork and resources are necessary for sustainable change.  

Who do you have that can fill these roles for you?  If you can’t identify anyone, change is necessary…and I can help you with that.   



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