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Apr 06, 2023

The primary work of effective leadership is people. Despite an impassioned focus on processes and products, it is people that are the secret to any success. Even in the age of technology and Artificial Intelligence, nothing happens without real-life human beings.

In order to lead effectively, you must understand your team and what “makes them tick.” It seems obvious that each individual on your team has nuanced differences that must be understood and thus distinctions that you need to make adjustments for…but maybe you need to look closer at these 5 truths that you must be aware of at all times:

1. Human needs drive us – Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs tells us that all people have five core needs that must be attended to in order to reach our highest potential: (Basic needs) Biological/Physiological, Safety; (Psychological needs) Love & Belonging, Esteem; and finally, Self-Actualization. Wellness isn’t just a trend it is a human need and something that we all require. Leaders must be concerned about employee needs. When needs aren’t met employees underperform.

2. Culture establishes us – The culture that we were raised in instills deep-rooted values whose impressions are very difficult to escape. Your job as a leader is not to change or confront these values but instead, establish and uphold the values that define the organization. You must communicate the expectation that employees align themselves with organization values or the cultural norms of individuals will inevitably take over.

3. Generational experiences shape us – Now more than ever, there is a complex mix of five generations in the workplace. The major events and mindsets of a specific time influence how we show up in the world and ultimately the workplace. These influences show up in our thinking, work ethic, communication, collaboration, and much more. And yes, it’s much more intricate than text messages vs. memos.

4. Personality styles identify us – The research of Everything DiSC® tells us that there are 4 personality types that we each embody to some degree: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. At least one of these is a primary type and describes our approach to navigating our work, relationships, and responsibilities.

5. Networks develop us – Beyond the notion that birds of a feather flock together is the reality that who we are connected to impacts how (or if) we grow. Not only is it important to make sure that you have a strong network, but it is also necessary for you to hire people that value growth and development and provide opportunities for your team to flourish together.

These truths show themselves to you each day and if you and your team don’t address them with a measure of skill, you are likely to encounter time-consuming challenges that can be avoided. This is just a sample of the things that I work with leaders and teams on. Contact me to discuss how I can support you and your team.

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