Managing from the Middle

Managing from the Middle

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Do you ever feel like you are caught between desires (of staff) and directions (of leadership)? Do you ever sense a tug-of-war between the person that you report to and the people that you are assigned to lead? If you can relate, you are managing from the middle. Being successful as a middle manager requires flexibility, sensitivity, firmness and so much more. Without these, you are destined for failure, but this doesn't have to be your plight. There are ways to reduce the pull!

Value Statements

Middle managers will leave this series with tools to:

  • Maximize 360-degree influence 

  • Balance leading, following, and collaborating 

  • Effectively manage up

  • Incorporate self-care into daily practices 


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Recommended  Audience

Those that are responsible for providing leadership but also under a leader as well. (i.e., middle management, supervisors, coordinators, or similar positions)


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