Leadership Transformation Coaching

Leadership Transformation Coaching

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An in-person coaching experience

A customized 12-week intensive coaching program designed for individuals or teams needing to enhance, maximize or accelerate their impact as a leader.

Participants will have the opportunity to: 

  • Receive proven strategies for leadership success 

  • Identify and address performance gaps 

  • Increase organizational effectiveness 

  • Enhance decision-making and communication 

  • Improve management of resources and processes 

  • Deepen implementation of accountability practices

  • Strengthen team relationships 

This unique coaching experience provides

    • One week shadowing of client (30+ hours)a (90-minute sessions)

    • Reflection on 55 leadership competencies in 9 key areas

    • Weekly observations and coaching sessions

    • On-call support

    • Specific benchmark meetings with supervisor

    • Real-time feedback, reflection and coaching provided by an accomplished leader



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